Quasar Rebrands: Introducing Trinsight powered by Trinity Rail

The day we’ve been waiting for is here and our team at Quasar is excited to announce a name change and feature upgrade with Trinity Rail!

Trinsight powered by Trinity Rail is everything you love about Quasar Platform with enhanced features and platform.

What’s Changing?

Sensor Monitoring and Updates

Sensors are monitored and updated by the Trinity Rail Customer Service team to help keep your hardware up-to-date. This added monitoring means that your sensor information will be more accurate than ever!

Enhanced custom reporting

Trinity Rail has taken Quasar’s advanced reporting features and enabled them to be completely more customizable through Trinsight. This way you can pull exactly the information you need from the Dataverse without any excess to wade through.


Internal Commodity Types Customization

With Trinsight you can customize commodity types for your own monitoring. This is just one more feature that makes your data and platforms work for you instead of having to make your operations fit into a new platform.With all of the customizable options offered by Trinsight help you optimize there’s nothing that you can’t do in optimizing your supply chain and maximize for the best return on your return on investment.

Six different GPS devices and Health Sensors

Handbrake, open/close hatch, temperature, impact, and load empty sensors are just a few of the cutting-edge features offered by Trinsight. Trinsight is the industry's only supply chain visibility solution that combines GPS telematics with car location messages offering you the absolute best technology solutions.


AI and Predictive Learning

Trinsight's new advanced analytics are bigger and better than ever. Machine learning & AI solutions for predictive ETA and Dwell by Geofence, along with cycle time by origin/destination, optimal route, corridor, and customized route analytics, come together to create a cloud-based program that learns how to work better for you every day.

Powerful Yard and Inventory Management

Quasar's state-of-the-art Yard Management features combined with powerful inventory management and inbound pipeline analytics create railcar visibility as you've never seen it before.

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